13 Excellent Ways to Improve WordPress Site Speed

11 Excellent Ways to Improve WordPress Site Speed

Do you want to reduce WordPress website loading time? well, that’s what everyone wants to. If you have a website on WordPress then and want to increase your site performance and get ranking on Search Engines then you need to Improve wordpress site speed.

After the new announcement of Google, page speed is one of the best metrics to determine SEO ranking. Page speed is a top priority for the site owners to make their website load quickly.

If your website loading time is slow then mostly your visitors will go from your website, your bounce rate will increase and this gives a bad impact on your website. Increasing in Bounce Rate search engines will drop your WordPress website ranking.

With a slow website, you’ll confirm lose a great amount of traffic and conversions. Well, a fast website improves user experience, increase page views, helps with WordPress SEO. In this article, we will discuss the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to boost your WordPress website performance and speed up your website.

Before working on anything Speeding UP WordPress site:

The first thing is to measure the speed of your WordPress website.

  1. Run The Speed Test Using These Tools:
  2. GtMetrix
  3. Web.dev
  4. Tools.Pingdom.com
  5. Page Speed Insights by Google
  6. Web Page Test
  7. TTFB Checker (Time to first-time checker)

We will try to cover everything that why speed is important, and what slowing your WordPress site and helps you to increase your WordPress speed immediately.

To make everything easy, we have a complete Table of Contents to navigate you to our Ultimate Guide to speeding up your WordPress website.

Initial thing first: Take a Backup of Your WordPress Website:

Before customizing anything in your WordPress website, take a complete backup, because sometimes customizing doesn’t go well and your website may break some of its codings. That’s why always make a backup of your WordPress website database before doing anything.

So, as we are going to do some optimization to the database level, take a backup. Either manually or automatically, in case of an unavoidable situation. You can use the All-in-one Wp migration plugin for Backing-up.

Introduction to improving wordpress site speed

According to the analysis, the average visitor span has dropped from 13 seconds to 5 seconds. Now, In this case, you’ll have very little time to show our website content and convince them to stay on your website.

A slow website means if your website takes time to fully load, then the users potentially go from your website very soon.

According to the BigAnalysis, companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Bing, and other large sites, a 1 second delay in page load time can cause to 7% loss in conversion, 11% fewer page views, 25% fewer users, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Google, Bing, and other search engines started to penalize slower websites by throwing them down in search results which can cause lower traffic and slow websites.

Having a fast loading website gives you great advantages, increase in more traffic, subscribers, and revenue. (You must make your WordPress website FAST!)

Why your WordPress website slow down?

The prime cause for a slow WordPress website:

  • Page Size – Website Page that is not completely optimized for the web.
  • Bad Plugins – If you are using an old version plugin or using a poorly coded plugin, then it can slow down your website.
  • Web Hosting – Using a low-quality server, or the web hosting server is not properly configured it can make your website speed too low.
  • WordPress Backend configuration – If your WordPress website is not serving the site cache pages to your visitors, then it overloads pressure on your origin server thus causing the website to be slow.
  • External scripts – External codes such as ads, too many JavaScripts, font loaders, etc can also give a huge impact on site loading time.

As you these aspects are more important to know before doing any changes to your WordPress build websites. That’s why Improve WordPress Site Speed is very important.

100% Proven Tips To Speed up WordPress: How To Improve Loading Time.

Tested Sites Are: Lagted.com, Frontinweb.com, 12KA2.com.

Use Optimized & Good Quality Web Hosting

The first thing which depends is your web hosting server, what type of server are you using is it completely configured or working fast. Web-Hosting plays an important role in website performance.

Can it handle heavy sites and their requests?

A fast Hosting provider can alone change the speed of your WordPress website entirely.

As you can see Lagted Performance on the image:

Good Quality Web Hosting

Having best-hosting providers such as Bluehost or DreamHost use the extra measurement to optimize your website for fast performance.

These are shared hosting where you share your server resources with many other customers.

In this case, if your neighbor site gets a bunch of traffic, then it’s confirmed that it can impact the entire server performance resulting in slow down the other websites.

On the other hand, using a managed WordPress hosting service for your website gives you the most optimized server configuration especially to run WordPress sites. Which makes the WordPress websites run faster and fast loading.

Most managed WordPress hosting providers also offer automatic backups, Auto WordPress updates, and more advanced security configuration to protect your websites.

In our recommendation for manager WordPress hosting, you can go for Bluehost, DreamHost, and Kinsta.

Bluehost is undoubted, it has top quality managed WordPress hosting category, which is great for every website owner.

Kinsta offers many great features to its customers, that will steadily reduce the loading time of the website. It uses the Google Cloud Infrastructure to host your WordPress website.

If you are running a WooCommerce platform, then you should use managed hosting:

  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • Kinsta

Optimize Your Images for Fast Loading

Images are the backbone for your articles, it brings life to your content and helps to increase more engagement. Having a great visual illustrative makes people 95% more likely to read your content.

But having too many images in your article ain’t good your pages may load very slow. An average website 700-800kb of images per URL.

Creating good quality images to impress your visitors isn’t enough you should also ensure that image optimization is available. Image optimization essentially works as compression of images in your article or posts, making it suitable for web so it can load fast.

To optimize your high-quality images you’ll get two options, either optimize them locally or use an image optimizer plugin for the purpose.

Optimizing images locally stand for the image format are you using, right image format significantly reduces the size of the image (.png to .jpg), or you can compress the image using the Adobe Photoshop, it will be the easier way without losing the image quality.

The second method is using an image compression plugin or lazy load plugin, after the WordPress 5.5 update lazy load is now already in-built, no need to install any lazy load plugin, but to compress an image size you should use an image compressor plugin.

reSmush Dashboard

For image compression, you can use reSmush plugin to optimize your WordPress images. The greatest benefit of using reSmush is that it’s completely free.

reSmush uses the advanced algorithms to process the images, its API accepts the JPG, PNG and GIF image formats up to 5MB. It automatically compresses the newly uploaded image, one-click compression of old images. Using the image compression plugin can Improve your wordpress site speed.

Use Modern & Lightweight Themes for WordPress Site

For WordPress, themes work as a base for every website, because without theme any website will look like scrap, and users won’t stick around your website. A lot of things have been changed in the past few years, and now every theme is made keeping in mind the speed.

Although you should use a truly responsive theme to provide a faster loading experience to your users on mobile and desktops.

You can use any theme according to your needs, like business themes, blogging themes, or else. These are many responsive themes available on market, some of them are free and some are paid, you can see our collection of the fastest WordPress Themes to start your work.

For theme, the general rule is to select a lightweight theme so you can serve your website faster to your users. Fast themes help in wordpress speed optimization and provide good rankings on search engines.

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Use CDN for Fast Content Delivery

What is CDN?

A CDN is called Content Delivery Network, CDN is made of multi servers around the world, Each server stores your website “static” files such as images, CSS, and JavaScript.

When a website is using CDN to deliver content it serves those static files to the users from whichever server is closest to them. Using CDN your own web hosting server will also be faster cause CDN is doing a lot of work. It helps to reduce the load on the server.

A CDN helps your website to load faster in any part of the world cause it’s using the Global network of CDN.

For CDN you can use Cloudflare, StackPath, Bunny CDN, Google Cloud CDN, Microsoft Azure CDN, or Amazon CDN, according to your requirements.

But if you are just starting and want a free CDN then Cloudflare may be the best choice because it offers free CDN service which is idle for all kind of blogs.

Avoid too many Javascripts & CSS

Do not try to show too many ads on your website, cause unnecessary HTML or Javascripts & CSS can affect your site’s loading time.

If you are showing ads on your blog, then try to use Google Adsense or Media.net as their ads are well optimized and give you the best CPC.

Now, if you are using other third-party scripts sometimes it’s impossible to remove them or you can. To best solution for this problem is to delay the loading of scripts. There are many plugins on WordPress.org that you can use. A simple plugin called “Flying scripts“, you can use to delay the scripts 4.6 seconds to 1.4 seconds.

Use Best WordPress Speed Enhancing Plugins

You can see the growth of the WordPress community that develops and maintains the plugins for every environment. Plugins are one of the best gifts to expand the functionality of every WordPress website and make it capable of doing anything.

To make your WordPress website runs wisely you absolutely need to Use the Best WordPress speed enhancing plugins, which will improve your WordPress site speed test and make it more user-friendly.

There are many plugins that you can use to enhance the speed of your WordPress website, such as Jetpack, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Minify, and so on.

Don’t use Too Many Plugins

Basically, plugins are one of the most important strengths of WordPress, for adding any external codes or scripts. Some people use too many plugins on their WordPress blog, well not every plugin are bad, and I have covered some great WordPress plugins you should use on your blog.

Regularly minimize the number of plugins on your blog. Clean your database with Advanced database cleaner plugins. Make sure to at least one cache plugin for your blog, in my recommendation you can use W3 Total Cache. Remember to get rid of outdated plugins.

Many questions have been asked by our users “How do I speed up WordPress plugin”? for you the best way to do that is by using less and only important plugins for your blog.

Use Latest Php Version – 7.58+

PHP is a server-side programming language that is primarily used for web development.

This single language can easily boost your WordPress website speed by almost 1.8x. Many WordPress users still use the PHP5.6 version which is an older version of PHP. Always use the latest version of PHP, and the latest one is PHP 7.4 which offers a significant performance boost.

The PHP part is handled by the web-hosting provider company and if you have access you can check it and try to update it, but if your access is restricted you can simply ask them to do it.

Which PHP version are you using, if the version is lower than 7.0 then it’s not that great, try to update to the latest version which is 7.8 write now.

Optimize your WordPress Database

Database means your WordPress application connects to a database called MySQL Database which stores all data related to the site. It essentially stores all the content, including posts, pages, comments, user registrations, and settings.

When a user visits your website, they are just viewing data that is retrieved from the database. The response time between your database and your WordPress website can be increased for only two reasons. First, your database is filled with unwanted data such as spam and unsaved comments, trashed posts, and post revisions.

Therefore always optimize your WordPress Database by removing old, redundant data. To do this you can use the WP-Optimize plugin, or any other plugins to optimize your WordPress database.

Optimize HTTP Requests

Optimize your blog for wordpress speed optimization by lowering the server HTTP requests. One simple way to do it is to combine similar files, which means you should have a single CSS stylesheet for your website. Combines all custom scripts into a single file. When the number of HTTP request goes down, the loading time goes down as well.

You can try to do these methods to optimize your HTTP requests. Minimize the number of DNS lookups, use a CDN to serve your static files, minimize the number of redirects.

Use Cache Plugins for WordPress

For WordPress websites, Caching is one of the factors that affect the loading time of a website. Doing cache is the process of storing a part of the website in a temporary location to quickly serve it to the visitors, enabling cache saves the server bandwidth and reduce page load times.

Choose a cache plugin wisely for your WordPress website, there are many cache plugins around the market but some of the most plugins that are used by many site owners are Cloudflare, MaxCDN, and so on.

FAQ (Questions & Answers)

How to improve website speed?

To improve your website speed, optimize your website as much as you can. Use CDN for caching, light-weight themes, optimize your images, don’t use too many plugins, reduce the HTTP requests, Avoid too Many Javascript & CSS.

How to remove too many Javascripts & CSS in WordPress?

If you are using other third-party scripts sometimes it’s impossible to remove them or you can. To best solution for this problem is to delay the loading of scripts. There are many plugins on WordPress.org that you can use. A simple plugin called “Flying scripts“, you can use to delay the scripts 4.6 seconds to 1.4 seconds.

That’s it! In this article, we’ve learned about how to improve WordPress website speed. You can try any of the above techniques, and test your website speed to confirm that your modification worked or not.

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13 Excellent Ways to Improve WordPress Site Speed

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