20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

In today’s world, our education system is changing fast. The digital world is taking over the education system, students becoming the new content creators, and teachers guide them to the finish line. In the digital world Content, Creation Apps for Students are increasing highly to help to make things easier.

Students love to create things and to demonstrate what they’re learning. However, teachers know that creating and demonstrating what they have learned, it’s also about getting students to construct mental models and learn through experience.

By making new content, students build meaning, work through problems, and acquire new knowledge and skills in context. By doing these kinds of challenges in creation help students to think in new ways about a problem.

There are thousand ways for students to create content, but In this article, we’ll talk about the 20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

20 Educational Content Creation Apps for Students

In this article, some content creation apps will look familiar. But these apps could help you building new content or getting new ideas, some apps worth the waiting. Scroll down a bit some less known apps might worth your attention!

1. Book Creator

Let your students create and write their own stories. Book Creator, “Create. Read. Publish.” That’s what Book Creator is all about. Students can easily create interactive stories, digital portfolios, journals, poetry books, science reports, manuals, comic adventures, Books by combining their own photos, drawings, audio (including their own voices).

Book Creator is Versatile enough to be used in any content area, students can learn more creativity more interactive books.

2. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive screen casting whiteboard. Teachers can use this whiteboard to present information to students visually. Using this students can make presentations, and record evrything. Students or teachers can drwa, add pictures, highlight and write text.

Help to import media from a variety of sources, can collaborate in real time with voice chats, save presentations to the cloud.

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is perfect app that lets teachers and students create animated videos in minute. All have to do is, Choose a video layout, import videos and images, add text and change the music. That’s all!

Adove Spark is a amazing creation suite comes with insipring templates to get started. Students can choose an image from the Spark library or add their own images to highlight what they want to say. Adobe spark will automatically adds cinematic motion to the story so you don’t have to be a pro in video editing.

4. Canva

Tired of using PowerPoint or keynotr? Canva is the solution. With Canva, students can create presentations, social media graphics, complelling images, infographics and much more. Canva have thousands of prebuild beautifull layouts like presentation templates, magazine, business cards, letter, social media posts, etc.

It offer students a path to make professional images without knowing design concepts, which is great for everyone. Canva images, icons and other design are mostly free, and they also offer premium ones as well.

5. Storybird

Storybird is an amazing app that combines creative tools for writing, reading, and storytelling in educational settings. Using Storybird students can make their own stories, which makes them feel like “real authors” and bring their fantasy to life.

Students and teachers can purchase digital or print books and poems amde by other students. Storybird has ability to activate the optional fundraiser mode to invovle families and raise money for your school.

6. Padlet

Pidlet can be used by Teachers ans students, with Pidlet you can create an online post and you can share it wiht any students or teachers you want, by using a unique Pidlet link. Pidlet is easy to use and very handy.

Having so many options in Pidlet to use, students have a chance to learn in almost any area, be it an individual presentation, team collaboration, or whole-group learning experience.

7. Zoom

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing app in the world, it mostly used in the business world. This content creation software lets you host webinars. Students can host their own webinars, by providing a presentation about a certain subject. The webinars topic could be anything.

Zoom provides end-to-end encryption for secure video conferences or webinars.

8. Meme generator

Let’s make learning more easy and fun. The content created by students can also be something out of the ordinary. It helps students summarize a lesson by creating memes about the subject. Meme Generator is a fun way to provide information, which makes it easier for students to remember any information.

9. Spreaker

Let you students create their own podcast instead of writing. Podcast will help students reduce their stress and tell everything they feel. Use spreaker to record a new podcasts episode or to stream live.

How cool would it be for students to create their own podcast and tell everyone about, what they feel, what they want to tell everyone, how they think or any certain things.

10. Kidblog

Kidblog provides great opportunity to students, it lets them their own blog posts that can be published for real. Students can write with a purpose for real audience. Students would be digital citizens within a secure environment.

Kidblog is a blog environment that provides tools to safely publish student writing.

11. VoiceThread

Using VoiceThread is a very easy thing for Students and Teachers to create new projects. The site will walk you through the complete process of uploading or importing images and videos. To add voice-over, it can be done with a built-in microphone or can use a phone-in option to record voice. A webcam can also be used to add video narration to the project, VoiceThread can work in nearly any curriculum.

Students can put together multimedia projects that integrate images, voice, text, and much more. A complete powerful tool for students and teachers to create, collaborate, and share all kinds of multimedia.

12. Shadow Puppet Edu

With Shadow Puppet Edu, students can create video slideshows, having their own narration and text. Students can create 30 minutes long and can include 100 images, free for classroom use. A simple Video presentation making tool, To create a new video, tap the Create New icon and choose their images from the resources like camera roll, Library of Congress, Maps, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and much more.

The easy-to-use free tool must-have for elementary classrooms; just keep an eye on sharing and privacy.

13. Animaker Class

The Animaker class is a web-based tool for creating and assigning a variety of animated media and presentations. Students & Teachers can create videos like (Vertical and video-infographic), infographics, presentations, posters, and voice-to-text presentations. Teachers and Students can assign work and share files and messages to individuals, groups, or with the entire class.

Animaker Class comes with easily editable templates, enabling users to modify anything according to their needs, It’s also possible to start from scratch.

14. Loom

The loom is an intuitive tool for recording and responding to screencasts of any length. A loom is a screencasting tool that lets students and teachers record audio, video, browser windows, or the entire screen in Google Chrome. Once Loom installed, Students can click on the loom icon and choose from the recording options: choose from, just their face, one tab, or the whole screen (with or without audio).

A countdown will begin before the recording screen, users have unlimited time to record. Recorded videos can be easily shared with a link saved to the clipboard.

15. Screencastify

Screencastify intuitive tool that lets teachers and students communicate in new and creative ways. It is a Chrome browser extension that records your screen, face, voice, and more. Just choose the Screencastify icon in the Chrome toolbar, users can record a single tab or capture all screen activity or use the webcam to record or insert a video of yourself.

While recording, some tools can be used to write, draw, erase, keep time, restart, or spotlight a section on the screen.

16. Binumi

Binumi is an online video creation platform, completely cloud-based it will work through the Chrome browser or any web browser and internet-connected devices. Students can upload their own media or select images, videos, and audio clips from a large library.

Students can add voice recordings, text, overlays, and filters. Binumi offers everything that students need to make high-quality videos from content to control.

17. Animoto

Animoto is a simple slideshow presentation making tool based on web and software, you can create a flashy video slideshow. To create a project, First, select Create a Project, and the website walks you through each step. Choose a theme, and then upload short video clips or your own images, or images from Creative Commons site such as Flickr. Then upload your audio and text and the site creates a video and publishes it to your Animoto account.

18. Clips

The clips is a video making and editing app for iOS devices. You can record a video or take a photo within the app or choose from an existing media to begin. Or you can browse the animated posters section in Clips to choose a template to record video, hold down the pink bar, and swipe up for continuous recording. Once you’re happy with your edited video, save it to your photo library or share it via email, text message, YouTube, or social media.

19. Adobe Premiere Rush

The Adobe Premiere Rush is a famous video editing tool app by Adobe. Students or teachers can combine images, videos, and audio to design shareable multimedia content. Adobe Premiere Rush has simple drag-and-drop options to rearranged clips, there are also some options to add filters, edit the length, speed, and audio to each slide accordingly.

Videos can be export to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Behance. Teachers should encourage their students to put in their best work and ensure their privacy.

20. Metaverse

Metaverse allows students to create and experience reality activities while learning 21st-century skills. Metaverse is a platform available on website and app for creating, sharing, and interacting. Metaverse is recommended for older than (13+) users, the experience begins with a blank storyboard that allows creating unlimited combinations of scenes, character, and navigation options.

Conclusion – Content Creation Apps for Students

There are many more Content Creation Apps available for Students on the web. Here, I’ve chosen some of the best content creation tools for students, Let your students create comics, videos, podcasts, seminars, books, memes, infographics, presentations, and much more.

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20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

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20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

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