6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2021

6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2021

Looking for the best cloud hosting service provider for WordPress in 2021?

For the last several years, cloud hosting is rising its popularity rapidly most companies, bloggers, big-tech giants, use cloud hosting for providing fast content delivery to their users. It offers excellent performance & scalability, and cheaper than more traditional hosting products.

Choosing the best cloud hosting services providers is not an easy task, you have to do a complete search to find what fits better for you and your needs. Cloud hosting is a little more complex than beginner-friendly shared hostings like Bluehost, DreamHost, or Bigrock. But still, non-technical users can handle it, and the performance and cost-saving are usually worth every penny.

In this post, I’ve chosen some of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress in 2021. These providers will let you use the power of cloud hosting to its maximum potential. Cloud hosting providers such as Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Vultr, etc. Cloud hosting providers make everything possible for non-technical WordPress users to use Cloud Hosting, and still giving the useful WordPress tools, such as backups, staging sites, duplicating.

Difference between Cloud Hosting vs WordPress shared Hosting

When talking about Cloud WordPress hosting it may be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know anything about Cloud Hosting. So we’ll talk in the simplest form so you can easily understand.

Many managed WordPress hosting uses Google Cloud infrastructure count as “cloud hosting” for providing speed and performance to its users.

For example, in early 2020 many hosting providers moved all their hosting plans to the Google Cloud infrastructure … but some hosting providers’ cheap shared plans are still shared hosting – to power their shared hosting Use of cloud infrastructure. Although these hosting providers use cloud hosting in their hosting, you will not really see the difference as an end-user.

I’m going to define the Cloud WordPress hosting, where you can interact directly with the Cloud layer.

Cloud hosting is a kind of renting space on servers through cloud computing services, it is a technology which allows computing resources to be rented and consuming on-demand on a pay-per-use basis. The thing that makes it different from managed hosting that Cloud hosting offers a cluster of servers rather than just one. Its flexibility In price and deployment makes it more popular than any hostings.

The advantages of using Cloud hosting directly are that:

  • There will be no bandwidth limit. For example, there is no “visitors” limit like you get with managed WordPress hostings.
  • You Website will load faster than before.
  • You can save a good amount of money vs managed WordPress hosting.
  • If you are an advanced user, you’ll get more flexibility.

6 Best Cloud WordPress Hosting Providers

We’ve given a list of Best Cloud WordPress Hosting Providers that you may like.

1. Hostinger

First, you’ll get a completely managed cloud hosting from Hostinger. At Hostinger there’s no limit of hosting sites on it’s Cloud Hosting, You can add as many sites as you want in your selected resource plan. you’ll get a dedicated support team from Hoastinger which are ready to help you with all your needs.

Hostinger uses the CloudLinux with LVE containers, each account on Hostinger cloud hosting gets a dedicated container. Each container has enough resource boundaries to make sure the host stays healthy at all time, (even if any one of the accounts is under the DDoS attack.

Incase if any host needs to stop, then they can easily migrate to the different hosts with its containers to avoid unnecessary downtime. Hostinger always promise to give the best of their servers.

The price of Cloud hosting on Hostinger depends on the resources you choose to use, this makes Hostinger very cheap for a single small server. But if you need “large” servers, then there are more affordable options on the list to choose from.

2. Siteground

Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2021

Mostly everyone knows about the Siteground for its cheap shared hosting plans, but Siteground also offers cloud hosting service powered by Google Cloud.

The key difference between shared hosting or cloud hosting is in Siteground Cloud hosting you’ll get dedicated resources, as well as staging sites, server-level caching, and more.

The pricing of Siteground cloud hosting plans starts at $80 per month for 3 CPU cores, 6GB memory, and 40 GB storage, Siteground also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But for those who like the Siteground and to want to stick around with Siteground, this might be worth it.

3. DreamHost

best cloud hosting for WordPress

DreamHost gives you access to design yourr server to meet your unique needs – DreamHost never limits your access or your need in your Cloud Hosting.

With the next-gen SSD disks, you’ll get completely accelerated network speed. DreamHost uses the next-gen processors and their server is ready for SSH access in less than 30 seconds. You’ll get complete root access and full control to your servers.

DreamHost lets you choose the OS or software to install in your server, their managed servers can be based in Linux, BSD or even MS Windows. Their servers are ready to scale with you.

All code is open-source, can change your server automatically with OpenStack-compatible APIs, requesting with command-line tools and common programming libraries.

DreamHost will help you in migration to other cloud hosting providers or to your own cloud when the time comes. If you are looking for the best cloud hosting in 2021, then DreamHost Cloud Hosting would be a great choice.

Can secure your files with Cloud backups using QNAP the next cloud/OwnCloud, CloudBerry, Dropshare, Retrospect, and other popular apps. Automatically backup your WordPress site, uploaded images and using DreamObjects Connection plugin.

DreamHost has two Cloud Hosting plans: DreamCompute and DreamObjects.

DreamCompute the starting pack starts from Max $4.50/month ($0.0075/hour) for 512MB RAM Server, 1 vCPU, 80 GB SSD Disk, Free bandwidth*, 100 GB Block Storage included.

DreamObjects the starting pack starts from Monthly Price : $0.95 for 40GB. You can try DreamObject free for 30 Days.

4. Bigrock

cloud hosting for wordpress

On Bigrock you’ll get a fully managed servers where you can increase CPU/RAM for your website according to your traffic without any Downtime. Their Cloud servers are powered by advanced Varnish caching to handle more traffic at a faster speed.

Varnish caching stores your site’s each page, and with a globally distributed CDN, your websites are served up to 2x faster to your users.

First, in its industry, You’ll get a cPanel on top of your Cloud Hosting, just like your simple get in shared hosting, with cPanel you can easily manage your websites and its associated services like Email and sub-domains with simplicity and ease.

You don’t need to move you hosting as your website traffic increases, you can easily increase your CPUs and Ram capacity in just with a click of a button. If Bigrock detects any hardware issue, they automatically move your site to its another server to make your site secure, ensuring that your site always up and you’ll never lose any traffic or it’s data.

Their intuitive dashboard helps you to help an eye on the resourcing your website is using, with its performance. In our opinion, Bigrock is the best cloud hosting in 2021.

5. Cloudways

best wordpress hosting

Cludways is great Cloud hosting services provider for Cloud WordPress hosting. Cloudways doesn’t have its own hosting infrastructure, Cloudways is a managed tool that lets you choose to from your own cloud hosting form the following:

Google Cloud

Once choosing the resources, Cloudways handles all settings for WordPress and also gives you some great tools such as automatic backups, staging sites, security, etc.

The most important thing is you won’t get full root access to the servers, but still, you will get a good amount of flexibility.

The pricing on Cloudways depends on the resources and cloud provider you choose, but Cloudways charges about double than the cloud hosting itself would cost (What you pay for the service and support by Cloudways). For example, a $5 DigitalOcean droplet would cost you $10 through Cloudways.

This makes Cloudways a bit expensive than others, but it’s worth it. Cloudways has also many other affordable options in it’s list.

6. Kinsta

free wordpress hosting

Kinsta is also a great hosting provider especially for WordPress sites, Kinsta has been known for its high-quality content delivery work.

Kinsta is all about delivering the high-performance to its users that you’d expect from a cloud-based host. Kinsta offers some pretty cool advantages in terms of performance, speed, scalability, reliability and flexibility.

The important details about Kinsta are that their entire setup runs on the Google Cloud Platform. Kinsta entry-level plans start from $30/month, and for that, you’ll get 10GB of storage, a CDN transfer up to 50GB and up to 25,000 visitors limit.

Kinsta proved a variety of features that you can enjoy like free migration from another hosting provider. You can select the geographical location of your data centre according to your customers or users to minimize the website load times. You can configure your CDN network according to your need. Kinsta does 1400+ checks for uptime serv on a daily basis, Kinsta maybe a good choice for best cloud hosting in 2021.

Final thoughts about Cloud Hosting for WordPress

If you want to go for a function-packed hosting service for your website then Cloud hosting is sure-fire. As we talked above about the difference between Cloud Hosting & Shared Hostings (Do you think anything is wrong with Cloud Hosting).

With Cloud you get a function of combined host service rather than one, that is even better! So for you to avoid any confusions about cloud hosting, we’ve given you the complete list of the top cloud hosting providers in 2021 which will be helpful for you.

Whether you are looking for low price ranges to high price functionalities, we’ve given all lined up. Go through our list and find the one Cloud Hostings that perfects for you. If you want to grow your website make it load fast then you should Switch to Cloud Hosting today to get all the advantages.

However, for the beginner, it may be a little bit confusing because it’s hard to estimate how much your site will cost.

Do you have any suggestions or any questions regarding choosing the best cloud hosting for WordPress? Do Leave a comment!

6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2021

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