5 Best Features of New ColorOS 12 (Android 12), Improved & Redesigned UI: You Should Know

Oppo has launched it’s ColorOS 12 with some new changes and features. Oppo has introduced many new things in this update. Google released its Android 12 version on AOSP last week which will be available soon for Pixel phones. Along with Android 12, companies like OnePlus and Samsung are coming up with their own Android 12 skin. But today we will talk about the new ColorOS 12 Global Version released by Oppo.

colouros 12 features

As we know, OnePlus and Oppo will make a new unified OS that will be integrated into the phones of both companies. The distribution of the new ColorOS software will vary depending on your device configuration. But Oppo company plans that by the end of this year, this update should reach all the devices.

The new ColorOS update will bring with it a number of aesthetic and functional changes that will provide longer service life to the user. So today in this article we will know about 5 such features of the new ColorOS which are important.

5 Best Features of ColorOS 12

1. Inclusive Design with Smooth Performance

The biggest and best part is the change in the performance of the software, which has become faster, smoother, and less battery-consuming. The Oppo company says that in the new ColorOS, the device will consume 30 percent less memory than the previous software and increase the battery life by another 20 percent.

ColorOS 12 Launch

Oppo uses a technology called code decoupling to avoid memory fragmentation in the new software which keeps the device smooth and fast for a long time. It can be said that your phone will give faster and better performance even after 2-3 years.

In the new software update, you will get to see many more great things like the app icon has been optimized somewhat, in the new menu you will see a lot of changes in which we have got bigger icons and bolder uniqueness. Oppo claims that the new OS will be quite authentic in design. We can see the layout of the contact getting further simplified, which we would love to see. We will also see a lot of changes in animations, the new ColorOS 12 will bring some great new animations

2. UI Accent Wallpaper Theming

In the new Android 12, you will also get to see some changes related to the wallpaper. Now when you change the wallpaper of your phone, the accent color of your UI will also change. If you choose a color theme from the custom screen, you have to choose 4 different colors from your applied home screen wallpaper and use them as themes.

ColorOS 12 phone list

Let us tell you that wallpaper theming allows a user to extract colors from the phone’s wallpaper and create a new theme palette.

3. Fast and Effortless PC Sync

ColorOS 12 wallpaper

Many of you would like to connect your phone to your computer right away, but for some reason, you can’t. But Oppo has made it a lot easier with the help of the new ColorOS 12’s cross-screen connection features such as Apple’s seamless cross-connection feature. This feature allows Oppo devices to connect and synchronize with compatible Windows laptops. It has 4 great features:

  • Transfer of data will be much faster on both devices
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Can copy-paste text between devices
  • Users can also use their laptops for chat and check mobile notifications.

The feature of cross-connection will not be launched in the initial version of ColorOS 12, but it may be supported later. Oppo has confirmed that this feature will initially roll out to flagships ColorOS 12 phones, with supporting more models in the future.

4. The Omojis

With the new ColorOS 12, Oppo is also bringing self-expression. Just like you might have seen AR-Memoji on your Apple device. With these new features, you can create realistic 3D avatar emojis to express yourself on Oppo devices. In the new ColorOS 12, Omojis will use 20,000 facial markers to make everything look realistic. It will support 50 different facial expressions and focus on precise muscle movement.

ColorOS 12 download

Users can easily use their created Omojis on different applications. These include the most popular applications such as Zoom, Contact Photos, and many more. Although it has been given only in China, for now, worldwide support for this is not out.

5. Privacy Control Feature

In the new Android 12, we will get to see many such features related to privacy which will increase the security even more. ColorOS 12 will also follow the same protection mechanism keeping in mind the privacy protection of the users. With all the features that Google has promised to offer in its Android 12, Oppo will bring them all in its latest software skin.

ColorOS 12 device list in india

Oppo will give users the privacy dashboard of Android 12 in ColorOS 12, which will record the entire permission data. Users can track and monitor apps that use the phone’s permissions. In addition, ColorOS 12 automatically erases private information from any shared media by default to protect sensitive data.

Android 12’s privacy indicator will alert you immediately if an application is using your device’s camera or microphone.

Be Ready for Revolutionary OS

Your OS has never looked so good or felt so intuitive. ColorOS 12’s sleek interface is made to bend perfectly to your needs, with a laser focus on usability. ColorOS 12 features a streamlined design that strips away distractions, so you can focus on the stuff you need to do—quicker, smoother, slicker.

Features of Android 12 in ColorOS 12

This time in the new Android 12 version of Google, we will get to see many new features, some of which we can see in the ColorOS 12, such as a privacy dashboard of its own, as well as camera and microphone indicator that will tell us where Which application was using them? We will also get to see some new accessibility features which are there in Android 12.

There will also be a few other new features that will keep it at par with full stock Android, such as a reduction in the number of pre-installed applications, and things like Messages, Phones, and Contacts, which are Google’s applications will still be there. And yes we will not get to see a pre-installed relax application.

Which Smartphone will get ColorOS 12?

If you have been using Oppo’s smartphones for the last year, then probably: Yes. Oppo has an ambitious plan to roll out the new ColorOS 12 to 110 different devices by the end of the year 2022.

Devices to get the first rollout:

Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo, Find X3 Lite, Find X2 Pro, Find X2 Neo, Find X2 Lite, Find X2, Reno 6 Pro, Reno 6, Reno 4 Pro, Reno 4, Reno 4 Z, Reno 10x Zoom, A94, A74 5G, A73, A74, A54s, A53, A53s, A16s

We hope that you liked this article, and if you have any questions related to this update, then definitely tell us in the comment section.

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