New Features of OxygenOS 12: Based on Android 12 For Chosen OnePlus Smartphones

Recently Google has released its Android new version Android 12 in AOSP, and as we can see OnePlus has also gone on the same path with its new OxygenOS 12 which will be based on Android 12 for OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9 pro under the beta version.

Last time this week we saw the OxygenOS 12 beta version and installed it on our OnePlus 9, which made it appear that some things may have been borrowed from the ColourOS, as we noticed. A new update to Android 12 will be rolling out soon by OnePlus, following the arrival of new Pixel phones. The upgrade to the new OxygenOS will be optional on the phone, for now until it is formally released, users who want to try the new upgrade can use it.

OnePlus will release Android 12 beta version.

For now, the new OxygenOS 12 beta version is only available for two devices OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. But it is expected that this update will also be given for the OnePlus 9R, OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 7 series, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord 2, and OnePlus Nord CE device. If you want to see the new update download it from here.

It is not fully known when it will available officially. OnePlus has not yet given its complete announcement, but let us tell you that everything will be fine, as per the last few years and we can make its official launch by the end of this year.

Here are the new features of OxygenOS 12

Although there are many great features in the OxygenOS 12, today we will tell you about some such good features that you will like more. OxygenOS 12 beta based on Android 12 has arrived for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The new OxygenOS 12 will look quite different in terms of design, it will give you the full feel of the new Android 12 in your OnePlus smartphone.

On the design of the front, OnePlus said that they took inspiration from the “light and space” that depicts James Turrell’s artwork. We can find these changes common in Zen Mode and Private Safe Apps.

OnePlus will also introduce its new home screen icon which it calls “Neumorphism”. OnePlus will also update its “shelf” in which it will shift a few things on the left-home screen. OnePlus will also debut its “Scout” in India.

OnePlus Scout Launch in india

It is heard that OnePlus will merge OxygenOS and ColorOS by next year and bring a new UifiedOS.

Here are all those new features:

1. Dark Modes

Beyond all other designs, OnePlus is further enhancing its dark mode feature. In the new OxygenOS 12, we will get to see 3 new modes of dark mode. This feature has been taken directly from ColorOS and users have been given to choose the intensity level of dark mode according to their own choice. Now OnePlus smartphone users can choose between “Gentle”, “Medium”, and “Enhanced” dark modes.

OxygeneOs 12 Dark mode

With this, OnePlus wants to give its users complete freedom to choose.

2. Support of Work Mode and Life Mode

The first thing we will get to see in the newly updated OxygenOS 12 is Work-Life Balance 2.0. The update will be available in all regions where you can easily switch between your “life-mode” and “work-mode” depending on the time of day, wifi-network, and location. With this help, some applications can be disabled or muted. You can simply choose by swiping down the notification center and select.

OxygenOS 12 Work Mode and Life Mode

3.Updated OnePlus Notes Redesign and Doodling

Also part of the new OxygenOS 12 is the redesigned “Notes” app. Designed for Easy Notes It’s easier than ever to navigate notes.

Now the new note-taking application has become even better which supports handwriting and drawing along with the text. With the help of which it will be easier for the user to write. On this, you can use many colors in doodling.

4. Canvas AOD 2.0

If you are a part of the OnePlus Crowd, then you must have loved the Canvas Always-on-Display mode on your device, which will keep you quite happy. OxygenOS 12 has introduced Canvas AOD 2.0, which allows users to make a lot of customizations from before and now offers Effects, Filters, Brushstrokes, Color Palettes, and much more.

In the new update, users can edit pictures in their Canvas AOD and remove or move unwanted lines. Canvas AOD is better suited for users who can keep some of their memories in front of their eyes.

5. Private Safe Mode

Another feature that is coming directly from ColorOS is Private Safe Mode. This private safe mode will allow users to store their documents, files, and media inside a secure vault on their device while providing additional privacy. In this, you have to select a 6-digit pin code, after which all your important data will be safe.

6. Newly Designed Zen Mode

In the new OxygenOS 12, you will get a great feature which is Zen Mode. Which is liked by OnePlus users all over the world. Zen Mode will give you a chance to live your life freely, start Zen Mode, and put your OnePlus device down and live freely for some time. OnePlus has also given many different themes for Zen Mode in the new OxygenOS 12.

Which feature did you like the most in the new OnePlusOS 12?

As we have been told that in the new OxygenOS 12, we will get to see a lot of changes, which you will like very much. OxygenOS 12 may be the last upgrade before the new unified ColorOS+OxygenOS.

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