Bing Backlink Research Tool Updates : You Should Know

Bing Backlink Research Tool Updates is now live you can check the detailed information about Domain backlinks and anchor texts.

Bing Backlink Research Tool Updates. Now it also reports the competitor’s Backlinks, one step ahead from google.

On June 2, 2020, Bing updated its backlinks research tool and announced it on Twitter. Bing always tries to make its research tool easier for its users.

You can now compare your website with other competitors. It will also shows the same data for competitors.

The backlink profiles will use a representative set of links from different sites (domains) and various anchor texts. It includes reports of sites, referring to pages for the full backlink profile detected by Bing for your site, and the total number of profiles, including the anchor text of reference texts.

The Updated Backlink Tool

Before the update, there were only two options in backlink research tools.

  1. All links
  2. Disavow links.

See the screenshot from of the old bing backlink tool.

14April 2020

We can see that the old tool only had two backlink feature.

After the update of the backlinks research tool. Bing provides us a new tool which is similar sites.

The new Bing support shows us the three tools in the picture below.

Bing Backlink Research Tool Updates
  1. All links
  2. Similar sites
  3. Disavow links

Bing Similar Sites Tools

The Similar site’s tool enables webmaster to analyze websites backlinks profile with up to two sites backlinks. This tool will also suggest a few similar websites to choose from for analysis.

The selected websites are also added for analysis are saved across sessions. Bing webmaster can also disable some sites from comparison for temporarily.

After the selection of the site to analyze in the overview section, it shows the number of referring domains and anchors to each of the selected sites.

After entering a domain name you will see the top 10 domains, and anchors along with their backlinks count.

Comparing Domains

You can compare your domain with other competitors’ domain and use a filter to see three different kinds of backlinks.

It shows you all the domains that link to your site. Your competitors and those who link to one or the other.

Is it worth it

It does not show you complete backlink data, it shows only a small list of backlinks.

You can use webmaster filter also for Anchor text.

Well, this tool is free to use but shows low backlinks and a descent amount of information.

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Bing Backlink Research Tool Updates : You Should Know

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