20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

In today’s world, our education system is changing fast. The digital world is taking over the education system, students becoming the new content creators, and teachers guide them to the finish line. In the digital world Content, Creation Apps for Students are increasing highly to help to make things easier. Students love to create things […]

(FDE) Full Disk Encryption || Advantages & Disadvantages

To secure the hard disk data, you can encrypt the disk. Doing (FDE) Full disk encryption is one of the best encryption methods. Windows 10 has a built-in encrypting software called BitLocker, which can be used to encrypt a hard disk or its partition. BitLocker is free to use but if you like to you […]

Microsoft Is Permanently Closing All Retail Stores In 2020 | Here’s Why

Microsoft is permanently closing all of its retail stores. Microsoft announced plans to permanently close all 80 retail Stores locations in the united states and around the world except for four locations. In 2015, Microsoft opens it’s physical store just five-block far from Apple store to give a clear shot to Apple. Providing both Surface […]

Top 10 Linux Distribution And Complete Info About Linux OS

Like Windows or macOS, Linux is also an operating system. which is generally used for giving input to a system and getting output from it, Here we created a list of Top 10 Linux distribution. Like windows and macOS have many versions, the same thing happens to Linux it has many versions and we call […]

How To Create a Recovery USB Drive or System Repair Disk

What is Recovery USB Drive? USB recovery device used to start your pc in case of any problem. You can use a recovery USB drive to troubleshoot your computer in case windows unable to boot. A recovery drive also contains Windows system recovery tools which can assist you to recover Windows from a big error […]

How to Create a Bootable USB Pendrive | Here’s how you can

Creating a Bootable USB Pendrive is the process of using a USB storage device to boot or start a computer’s operating system. It turns on the computer hardware to use a USB Flash Drive to start the windows installation. ( How to Create a Bootable USB Pendrive | Here’s how you can.) USB Pendrive has […]

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