Google Started integration of G-Calender into Chrome OS Quick Setting

Check out the new Canary Update to see the Calender widget.

For the past few months, it was being heard that Google on its groundwork is bringing Google Calendar to the taskbar of Chrome OS, and we finally know that the rumours are true Google plans to put Calendar in Settings with your Google Calendar events. Which will make it easy to use for the users.

google chrome os calendar integration

Well, from today all modern operating systems come with a pre-installed calendar application, which we can see near the system tray, but it is not so in Chrome OS, we have to use a web app or Android application to open the calendar.

Recently. Google came up with the idea of putting the current date on the Chrome OS shelf, on the left side of the clock. In the latest update to Canary, we can see the calendar widget, which is not yet known when it will be officially released. In this new update, we can see some series of codes changed, which will give us complete Google Calendar integration, which we can access from the corner tray

chrome os calendar

After restarting your Chromebook, press Alt + Shift + C on your keyboard to activate this feature. Right now this calendar widget is in development so we can only see a few basic things like the current date and month, but it’s a good start. You can scroll with your mouse to see the next upcoming month and day, and after clicking on “Today” we will return to the present day. Chrome OS has a very sleek and attractive design, with now supporting dark mode.

You can see many future ambitions coming from Canary Build. But right now it is also unable to sync completely with Google Calendar. We also couldn’t find anything about it on Chromium Gerrit that explains how the two calendars will sync themselves together.

Chrome OS

This is a great feature that Chrome OS users have been waiting for Google may bring this feature in version 103 of Chrome OS, as of the Flag Experience date. we have laid our eyes on the Chrome OS calendar option to appear in Canary builds, let your know when it happens.

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