How to Change Your Google Chrome Homepage

How to Change Your Google Chrome Homepage

Google Chrome opens a “New Tab” page by defaults, But it’s very easy to set a custom startup page instead of the default page. You can also add an optional “Home” icon on your toolbar with a custom page. Here’s how to do both.

How to Set a Custom Startup Page in Chrome

If you like to change the default page, which appears on startup when you open Chrome, so you’ll have to Chrome’s “On Startup” settings. See how.

First, open “Chrome.” Click on the three vertical dots on the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, then select “settings”. In “Settings” navigate to the “On Startup” section.

How to Change Your Google Chrome Homepage

In the “On Startup” settings, you can see three options, select “Open a specific page or pages using the button, then click on “Add a new page.

Open a specific page inGoogle chrome

In the box that appears, type in or (paste) the web address you would like to open automatically when you start(launch) the chrome. Then click “Add.”

Adding url in the empty field

You can see your site address added to the settings. If you wish, you can also add additional pages (sites). Each page will open automatically when Chrome is launched.

Adding multiple site address in chrome

After everything is done, close “Settings.” When next time you launch Chrome, the custom pages you just defined will appear.

How to Enable the Home Button and Set Your Home Page in Chrome

Google Chrome has hidden the traditional toolbar “Home” By default. If you want to enable the home button and define which site it points to — you’ll need to open settings.

First, launch “Chrome” and click on the three vertical dots on the upper-right corner of the browser. When the menu appears, select “Settings”

Opening Google Chrome Settings

On the “Settings” screen, whether scroll down to “Appearance” or Click on the left side “Appearance”. At “Appearance” select the “Show Home Button” and turn it on. Select the “Enter custom web address” field just below the first section, and type in or paste the address of the website you would like to use as your home page.

After you exit Settings, you can see a small icon that appears in your chrome toolbar that looks like a house. This is your “Home” button.

Google Chrome Home key overview

When you launch the “Chrome”, click on the “Home” icon, Chrome will load the hope page website that you set on settings. Check out the Google Article.

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How to Change Your Google Chrome Homepage

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