Jetpack Plugin For WordPress By Automattic | Complete Overview

How many of you are tired of using tons of plugins on your blog? Having tons of plugins can affect your website loading time, and this is where Automattic made some changes with the Jetpack plugin.

If you started your blog on WordPress, you may know how cool are plugins. You can try anything with the help of plugins you don’t need to do anything with your themes, Plugins will do everything for you with ease.

The company behind WordPress has come up with the Jetpack plugin for self-hosted websites, which brings many features of into blogs.

You can check out the Jetpack Premium pricing but you can also use it for free, In the free version, you’ll get most of the features.

Jetpack plugin has great features and will help you lower down at least 11+ unnecessary plugins on your blog. The great feature is it automatically update the new features every now and then.

Some of the best features are highlighted in the Jetpack plugin:

  • Downtime monitoring
  • Brute force attack protection
  • Basic activity log
  • Unlimited image CDN
  • Lazy loading images
  • Site stats
  • Automated social media posting
    And more…

Let’s take a look at the overview of some of the features of Jetpack.

Jetpack Plugin Features For WordPress:

Jetpack Plugin For WordPress

Jetpack comes with many features that you can enable or disable individually.

At Jetpack plugin settings you can see the categories and each category have their own features.

Below we’ve described each category’s features.


  • Backups and security scanning: you can scan or backup your site if anything happens like malware or malicious attacks.
  • Downtime monitoring: In the future, if your website(server) goes down you will automatically receive an email about your site status.
  • Auto-update plugins: With jetpack, you can choose your plugin to be auto-update or not.
  • Brute force attack protection: Jetpack plugin protects your website from hackers or any brute force attacks.
  • login: Add an extra layer of security to your website by enabling login and secure authentication. If you have multiple sites with this option enabled, you will be able to log in to every one of them with the same credentials.


Load pages faster, optimize images and speed up your visitors’ experience.

  • Search: It is an incredible, powerful, and customizable search. With the help of this, your visitors easily find the right content on your website.
  • Performance& speed: Jetpack gives you an immersive option to accelerate your website. With the help of this, you can speed up everything on your site from images to load times.
  • Media: You can easily add your media to a page or post with fast load speed.


You can compose the way of content and streamline your publishing experience.

  • Media: You can create a full-screen carousel slide show for your images. This creates more engagement with your visitors.
  • Composing: In this, you will have four options to select. You can read it and understand it easily.
  • Custom Content Types: You can add testimonials and portfolios to your website to attract new customers. This feature is mostly for those who sell their products online.
  • Theme enhancements: This is the most useful feature in the Jetpack plugin. You can add infinite scrolls so that your visitors do not need to search for anything. With this, your website loads more posts as the reader scrolls down.
  • Widgets: You can add some additional widgets to your website, including subscription forms and Twitter streams, as we use.
  • Post by Email: You can post your new article via email without visiting your site. Jetpack will create a unique email address for you to send your content. (You already get this in your WordPress dashboard, just go to Settings then you can see the option by typing here)
  • Toolbar: You can change your admin toolbar to admin toolbar. (If you are familiar with Admin Toolbar then you can use it)


Jetpack helps you to share your content easily on social media platforms to reach new audiences.

  • Publicize connections: If you want to share your publish content automatically on your social profiles then you can enable this option.
  • Sharing buttons: You can add sharing buttons on your post and pages, so your visitors can easily share your content with the community.
  • Like button: You can add like buttons on the bottom of your pages and post. So when visitors enjoy your content, they hit a like button.


Manage advanced comment settings and grow your audience with email subscriptions.

  • Comments: You can add many things to your Comment sections. If you want your visitors to comment through an account like, Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account, You can enable comment likes, etc.
  • Subscriptions: Use this feature if you want your visitors to subscribe to new posts and comments via email.


Easily Maximize your website’s visibility in search engines and view your real-time traffic status.

  • Ads: You can generate income with high-quality ads on your website.
  • Related posts: This feature helps in increasing engagement with your visitors. Your visitors will see related content at the bottom of each post or page.
  • Search engine optimization: After completing your content this feature show you preview how your content will look on popular search engines and you can change items like your site name and tagline in seconds. This will boost your search engine ranking.
  • Google Analytics: Connect your google analytics to your site in seconds with the Jetpack plugin.
  • Site stats: Expand to update settings for how visits are counted and manage who can view this information.
  • short links: Generate shortened URLs for simple sharing.
  • Sitemaps: Generate XML sitemaps for your websites, XML sitemaps are files that search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex use to index your website.
  • Site verification: You can verify your site ownership with third-party services like Google, Bing, etc.

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Pros & Cons Jetpack Plugin

Like the other plugins, the Jetpack plugin also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind choosing Jetpack alternatives.

Pros of Jetpack Plugin

Here are the advantages of using the Jetpack plugin in your WordPress site.

  • The work of multiple plugins in one plugin. You get all the necessary features in one package.
  • The company behind Jetpack and is automated. It provides a highly customized and powerful plugin.
  • Jetpack provides a good user interface with easy to use.
  • Jetpack provides everything you need to your website.

Cons of Jetpack Plugin

Just as something has its own specialty, so too are some flaws. Jetpack also has some disadvantages.

  • To use Jetpack, you must have a account. Jetpack is free to use but some of its features requires paid subscription.
  • The email functionality in Jetpack is limited. You cannot send emails to your customers without publishing a blog post.
  • Your website gets dependent on a single plugin, which makes it difficult to change in the future.

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Plans of Jetpack Plugin.

Security, performance, and marketing tools for WordPress

Jetpack plugin comes with three plans:

jetpack plugin pricing table

FAQ (Question & Answers)

Does Jetpack give a boost to our website?

Yes, jetpack provides some great features like lazy image loading and media features so your website loads fast on the browser.

Does Jetpack provide analytics for my website?

Like Google analytics, Jetpack has its own analytic where you can see every traffic data about your website.

What problems come after installing Jetpack plugin?

I don’t see any problems with Jetpack because it’s been a year that I’m using jetpack but no problems came yet.

If you have any further questions about Jetpack you can ask me in the comments.

Automattic will always keep adding more features to Jetpack in the future. As you are getting so many features in one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t install it.

Note: WordPress has partnered with some well-known web hosting companies to auto-install WordPress and Jetpack in 1-click installations. Such as Bluehost, Dreamhost, SiteGround, and a few others.

Do let me know: what’s your favorite feature in the Jetpack plugin?

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