Microsoft Is Permanently Closing All Retail Stores In 2020 | Here’s Why

Microsoft permanently closing it's retail stores

Microsoft is permanently closing all of its retail stores. Microsoft announced plans to permanently close all 80 retail Stores locations in the united states and around the world except for four locations.

In 2015, Microsoft opens it’s physical store just five-block far from Apple store to give a clear shot to Apple. Providing both Surface and other hardware products to gain more customers.

Those locations where Microsoft is not closing stores are
New York City (Fifth Ave), London (Oxford Circus) only just opened about a year ago, Sydney (Westfield Sydney), and Redmond Campus.

Microsoft is permanently closing all of its retail stores | But Why

Even after closing its stores, Microsoft said the company’s retail member will continue to serve customers and remotely providing sales, training, and support.

The debut of Microsoft Store is in 2009 to enlarge its customer number and earn more profit. Each store is a showcase for the company’s Surface and Xbox hardware, plus a selection of third-party PCs. The employees were well-versed in all things, the company also offered workshops, customer services, and repairs.

As soon as Microsoft talked about permanently closing its retail stores, it spread’s very fast on the internet.

Why Microsoft Is Giving Up On Physical Retail. 

A source of knowledge said that Microsoft is permanently closing its retail stores due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Because most of the stores are located in malls and Covid-19 has done a lot of damage to the economy and only a few people come to the store which has reduced sales.

Microsoft have 83 stores worldwide, including 72 stores in the U.S and several abroad.

It stated that the closure of the Microsoft Store physical locations would incur a pre-tax charge of approximately $ 450M, or $ 0.05 per share, in the current quarter ending June 30, 2020. This charge mainly includes asset write-down and loss.

Where it’s Going Now

Microsoft is saying that to will close all of its retail stores and move to online operation, keeping just four locations and transforming them into “experience centers”.

Microsoft will continue to invest in digital storefronts on, and in Xbox and Windows.

Microsoft corporate vice president David Porter said, Our sales have grown online as our product portfolio also evolved to largely digital offerings, so we are moving to online.

Update 1:06PM ET: Microsoft New Update.

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Microsoft Is Permanently Closing All Retail Stores In 2020 | Here’s Why

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