Microsoft Windows 10 May 2020 update : All you need to know

Microsoft launches Windows 10 May 2020 update on May 27, 2020. It’s officially available on the Microsoft website where users can download it. The updated version is Windows 10 version 2004, during the development of this version 2004 its has been Code-named 20H1. (Microsoft Windows 10 May 2020 update: All you need to know.)

There are many great features that Microsoft has given in this update and the most valuable things are there. Microsoft optimized the windows 10 version 2004 to run even in low-configuration devices.

What’s new in Microsoft Windows 10 May 2020 update

Microsoft has given many new updates, like:

Control over optional updates: The default setting for windows update is automatically but it can be changed for what needs to be changed. Users can see hardware drivers updates, big features update, and monthly security updates in settings.

Cortana update: Microsoft has given new features to our assistant Cortana to change the user experience and a brand new chat-based UI. Users can undock Cortana from the taskbar, move and resize it like any other app. An improved feature is that Cortana can create E-mails for users, Users can also use it in the calendar to create a task and remind them about meetings.

Users can set alarms and open apps. Cortana is all about business now. Microsoft changes it for Microsoft 365 to do more business works. Many consumer skills like support for music, connect smart home devices and other third parties skills have been removed. But hey,
Cortana can still tell you a joke.

Virtual Desktops: Virtual desktops are used for different works, and users mostly like to rename the virtual desktop name for their different works. Now users can rename virtual desktops, instead of being stuck with a system-issued name like Desktop 1, Desktop 2.

DirectX 12 Ultimate feature: Microsoft has given a features update which is DirectX 12 Ultimate for smooth and fast gaming. DirectX 12 Ultimate will provide the best gaming experience for gamers, it gives users more control over GPU for improved performance.

Cloud download for installing windows: Microsoft gave an advantage to its users that they can reinstall their windows from the cloud. So windows will download the most up-to-date version for windows 10. With this, there’s no need to have a Bootable USB or DVD to install windows.

Limits for Bandwidth for windows update: In the older windows, 10 version users can set a percentage for windows updating bandwidth. In Windows 10 version 2004 users can set an “Absolute Bandwidth” limit in Mbps for more accurate throttling of downloaded updates.

Linux Kernal: The new Windows subsystem for Linux(WSL) is probably the most important feature in Windows 10 20H1. Microsoft is officially providing WSL 2 as part of Windows 10. Linux Kernal WSL2 will be installed and serviced in the user’s machines through Windows update.

Go Passwordless: Microsoft changes its security for a more reliable and simple sign-in experience. Users can sign in using Face recognition, PIN, and Fingerprint.

More Kaomoji: In windows, 10 version 2004 update new emojis are available to choose from with keyboard shortcuts.

Search appearance: In Windows 10 May update, Microsoft fixed the start menu search. The indexer is now fast, it runs in the background and scans the PC files, and maintains a search database. The new search bar will find the searches faster than ever.

Disk space in Task Manager: Windows task manager now displays the disk type- SSD-HDD. This makes it easier to see which hardware is in the system and shows which storage has multiple parts.

Built-in Network Camera Support: Microsoft Windows 10 version 2004 update giving built-in support for IP-based cameras that send the videos feeds over a local network.

Control Over Restarting Apps While Sign-in: The old version of windows 10 automatically restart apps while sign-in including chrome. But Microsoft has given a solution for this, which can easily disable this.

A header in Windows 10 2004 update setting: In the new update, we will see a banner in the windows setting app. Here users can see their Picture, Name, and a link to their Microsoft online account. It gives quick links to users one drive access, windows update settings, and Information about their status.

Bluetooth Swift Pair: Microsoft is changing the experience of Bluetooth pairing called Swift Pair. Users no need to open settings for pairing a Bluetooth device. Now, this can be done through notification you will see two options like Connect or Disconnect.

This Swift Pair only work for Microsoft keyboard and mice. But we hope it could also come for all devices, making the Bluetooth process quicker and easier.

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