How Natural Language Generation Changes the SEO Game

How Natural Language Generation Changes the SEO Game

Learn how the computer is able to generate content for you using natural language generation in its latest advancement, and also uses guidelines for you.

Today we are going to talk about The Content Generation Technology and Technology. Some of you may think that this is just a science fiction novel, but it is real and fully accessible.

As you all know that generating content with tools is very easy and the quality of the generation is improving fast.

Recently Google released its 2019 spam report and inform us through tweets:

Through Google, we saw over 29 billion spam pages on the Internet. (If these pages were pages in a book, there would be 30 million copies of “A la recherche du temps perdu” every day!)

we always want that through us the visitors only go to a spam-free website, and get a spam-free experience.

Some spammers always try to spam on the Internet and due to them the rank of websites decreases and the website starts getting in the list of spam websites.

If you are using a content-generating tool then yes it makes the best content for you but sometimes this is why content comes into spam.

Google finds many spam pages per day, they also try to reduce spam on the Internet. Google wants that readers always get spam-free content.

Most importantly, Google has making incredible progress in suppressing machine-generated spam content.

We have seen an increase in spammer sites with auto-generated and scraped content that harm searchers such as fake buttons, heavy advertisements, suspicious redirects, and malware. These types of websites are often misleading and give nothing value to searchers. In 2020, The spam rates are increasing compared to 2019 but day by day Google is cleaning them.

Some important aspects

we will help you avoid getting caught in web spam. Google and Bing are working around the clock to get rid.

Thin Content Pages:

In this article, we will talk about title and meta description creation, before creating any article you should use an effective technique for your article title and meta description because these are most information which shows on the google search result.

After following this steps, you can see that it works really well for your website.

Negative SEO:

Taking backlinks from websites that are doing spamming also has a bad effect on your website. Google also start doubting on your website.

Negative SEO main points:
1. Creating hundreds or thousands of spam links on your website
2. Copying your content and distributing it across the Internet
3. Pointing out links to your website using keywords such as Viagra, poker online, and many more
4. Creating fake social profiles and ruining your reputation online
5. Giving incorrect redirection from your website

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How Natural Language Generation Changes the SEO Game

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    1. Hello Amit, if you are eager to know. It is not that you cannot use but according to me doing this will not be good for Google ranking. Because Google needs fresh and original content, if you use an auto-generated article, you can try out but it will not be considered fresh and unique.

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