Newspaper X Theme | Complete Overview 2020

Newspaper X theme

Having a great theme can give you many benefits. Newspaper X theme would be a great choice for starting this is one of the best magazine themes around the web. I’ve given a complete review of the Newspaper theme.

Our Rating about Newspaper X Theme

Newspaper X theme review

Newspaper X theme is completely dedicated and designed for creating blogs, news sites, and online magazines. There are many popular bloggers and news writers using newspaper x theme right now.

If you publish great articles on your WordPress site and want to increase your user experience, then this theme is totally recommended for you.

Newspaper X Theme has over 97,771 downloads all over the world through ThemeForest. This theme is created by tagDiv and marketed by ThemeForest. This topic does not require any coding to use. It is very easy to use, even a first time user can easily use it.

Some highlights about Newspaper X Theme:

  • Modern and Trendsetting Design
  • 90+ One-Click Unique Demos
  • Design Everything on the Frontend
  • Best Rated Theme
  • No Coding Skills Needed, Just Click and Create
  • Outstanding Support Service
  • Over 97,771 Happy Customers
  • 8 Premium Plugins Included

Key Features of Newspaper X Theme

This theme has completely all in one solution to create an awesome WordPress website. I have covered some of the best aspects of this theme, here a quick list of all the features you will get with Newspaper X theme.

  • Light, Fast, and Performant: Newspaper theme takes 1.6 second load time in a complete site.
  • 97+ Importable Unique demos: You don’t need to build your website from scratch, you will get many rebuild layout and sections. You can choose from different demo themes.
  • Custom Page Builder( Drag & Drop): With the help of tagDiv Composer Custom Page Builder, you can build your own design or you can easily customize demo templates. This is a great tool.
  • Smart Sidebars: In the Newspaper theme, you will get a fully customizable smart sidebar. You can add widgets, show ads on them, also if someone reading an article you can set the sidebar to show another article related to that category.
  • Modern Category Templates: Newspaper theme have modern category templates. This means when you select a demo template you will get access to its category templates. You can set multiple templates for multiple categories.
  • Built-in Ad Spots: Newspaper theme already have places to show ads or sponsored ads, you can do it with tagDiv Composer.
  • Mobile-Friendly ( Google AMP): Newspaper theme is completely Google AMP friendly, and the loading speed is 5x faster in mobile devices.
  • Header & Footer Builder: This theme lets you create and design your own custom Header & Footer.

Newspaper X Theme Pricing

The price of the Newspaper X theme is very fair it costs only $59. The quality of this theme is officially checked by Envato, you will get 6 months of support from the developers(tagDiv).

This theme will get the latest updates and ensures you are using the latest theme. Newspaper X theme is completely integrated with Instagram, bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce.

For Whom Is It Made For

Newspaper theme is a great choice for bloggers, organization, media publications, review sites, or anyone else, who have lot of contents.

Newspaper theme is basically a magazine theme for bloggers or publishers it helps to showcase a large amount of content, with attractive looks.

For example, there are lots of demo site designs to choose from in a newspaper theme, you can set your theme to display with larger images. The large image attracts the attention of visitors, visitors can also filter your posts from categories.

Newspaper theme demoo templates

You can show many posts on your homepage from many categories, this will help you a lot to increase your engagement with visitors. Basically, if your focus is on giving information to people and you post regularly, then Newspaper X theme is made for you.

The Newspaper theme has a lot of interesting features in it. With the help of this demo, you will be able to understand better what is the special feature of the Newspaper theme, which makes it different from the rest of the other themes.

However, after the new update, Newspaper now has many new demos that can be used for a wider range of websites. The new update includes demos for restaurants, apps, services websites, and a few more. Making Newspaper theme a truly multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Newspaper theme also has good e-commerce support too (WooCommerce), for those who want to earn money through selling physical or digital products on their website.

Demo sites of Newspaper X Theme

When it comes to creating a website you need to find a complete solution theme for your website, but before using any theme, you really wanted to see how it looks before using it, and here the demo site comes. Demo site shows you how your website will look after installing the theme.

Newspaper theme has 100+ demos to show you, and about 30+ premium(PRO) demo sites that are better optimized for performance. Well, I cannot feature you every single demo site.

However, I will single out a few designs to give you a feel of how Newspaper theme looks.

You have already seen the “Classic” Newspaper design above.

Like if you have any physical products and you want to sell it through your online website. You can see this Demo:

bottles infront of land

If you have a video site, you can use the Video News template:

video template theme

or if you want to create your own fitness blog, then you can use this fitness blog template.

If you have a piece of great knowledge about medicine or health, then this health template would be great for you.

health template

Overall, Newspaper theme provides importing demo sites of some specific niche and use cases, which makes it very versatile and highly customizable. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or an expert.

There are many templates that you can use for your related niches.

Free Premium Plugins

After purchasing the Newspaper X Theme it gives you many premium plugins, which will provide good support to your website.

Premium plugins

Plugins play an important role between your website and among other things. With the help of plugins, you can easily customize your website according to your needs. There is no need for coding knowledge.

So, it is important to install the necessary plugins for your website.

Required plugins To Install

For Newspaper Theme you will find some important plugins which are required to be installed.

After installing the Newspaper theme you need to install some important plugins which comes from the tagDiv team. You can install all required plugins in a single click.

What are the default required plugins to install:

  • tagDiv Composer: For custom Frontend drag and drop builder.
  • tagDiv Cloud library: 1000+ Pre-build templates for pages and articles
  • tagDiv Social counter: To show your social media followers counts
  • tagDiv Standard pack: Contains premium plugins and more.

Here’s the image preview–

Welcome to newspaper

Newspaper Theme Updates

tagDiv team always tries to provide you the updated theme, so your theme won’t look retro.

Newspaper X Theme | Complete Review 2020

Starting from Newspaper Theme v. 10.3.5 update there’s a fully new way to customize your header, footer, layout, sidebars, and you can customize your header right on the frontend with the website manager.

tagDiv team gives an auto-update option, so when a theme update is available, you can easily install it with a single click, directly from the theme panel. The system will download the latest version and automatically updates the theme’s files and the native plugins.

You will get a notification if the update is available.

What’s new in version 10.3.5

  • Assign Cloud Design Templates right from the frontend
  • New image sizes to apply on the Flex Blocks
  • Layout options on row/inner row/column/inner column
  • You can choose to have “No Footer” on any page or template
  • 22 extended shortcodes – Every design is now possible
  • 11 dedicated shortcodes to Build your perfect Header
  • 7 dedicated shortcodes for Attachment WordPress Template
  • 8 dedicated shortcodes for Author WordPress Template
  • 14 dedicated shortcodes for Category WordPress Template
  • 23 dedicated shortcodes for Single WordPress Template
  • 2 Covid-19 Shortcodes – Perfect to display the latest Covid-19 statistic data on your website as a counter or table.
    Many more.

Theme Performance Test

Performance is everything for your website, low-performance websites lose traffic.

Having a fast website increases your traffic and gives a positive impression to the visitors.

To understand how Newspaper theme performs in a real situation, we have taken a test result on Gtmetrix, Google insights, Pingdom, and webpagetest.

You can see the picture of these four below:

Google speed test
Google insights
Gtmetrix speed test
pingdom speed test
Webpage speed test

In all these performance test results, you can see the median load time is 2.6 seconds, which is well within the 2-3 second margin that most testing sites recommend.

The recommended loading time for any website is 3 seconds. If a website crosses this time, it is considered quite useless by the crawler or user.

Official Newspaper Theme Support & Documentation

To help you use this theme easily, Newspaper theme will give you complete support. tagDiv team also gives you a detailed written documentation to easily understand. You can also find some video tutorials on the developer’s Youtube channel.

Do You Need This Theme

If you want to create a professional website this would be the perfect all-in-one solution for you. In my opinion, you should give it a try.

Having a professional-looking website generates more traffic and increase the attraction of users.

Our Thoughts on Newspaper Theme

Newspaper is the all-time top-selling WordPress theme from 2013 to till now. The latest version – Newspaper 10 have much more performance than previous editions, which is a big benefit.

Having a fast loading time can give you many advantages. You will get a lot of options with this theme, with over 90 demo sites, 1000+ importable templates, and a visual drag-and-drop tagDiv composer.

If you already are an existing Newspaper theme user, you already know these kinds of features. If you have any questions regarding this topic please let me know.

Newspaper X Theme | Complete Overview 2020

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