How to Open File Explorer In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Well, there are many ways to open File Explorer, In windows 10 such as a using Keyboard shortcut, you can also use Command Prompt to open the File Explorer in the current directory, or any other directory. Here’s how.

Opening File Explorer In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

First, open Command Prompt on your PC by Pressing the Windows+R key to open Run, Type CMD in the search box, then press enter to open the Command Prompt.

Command Prompt will be open now. Here, run the following command to open the File Explorer:

start . 

The . in command represents the current directory in the command prompt. This command will open the folder in File Explorer that reflects the current user directory.

To open the parent folder of the current directory, run this command .. instead of .

start ..

The parent folder of the current user directory will now open in the File Explorer.

You can also keep going back in the directory by using a backslash and two periods. For example, we’re currently in the “22_OCtober 2020” folder in Command Prompt. Running start …. will open the “Documents” folder in File Explorer – a folder two levels up from the current user directory in Command Prompt.

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How to Open a Specific Folder in File Explorer in Windows Using Command Prompt

You can change opening destinations in Command Prompt by using the (cd) command and running the (start .) command to open the desired directory in File Explorer.

However, you can also open any folder in File Explorer in Command Prompt by running the (start) command, followed by the path of that folder you’d like to open.

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For example, in our current directory, C:\Users\Business, we want to open the Document folder in the File Explorer, which is just one level down. To do so, we’d run the following command:

start .\documents

In the same directory, where we want to open our Lagted folder, which is located inside the Documents folder. We’d run this command:

start .\documents\lagted

The “Lagted” folder will now open in File Explorer.


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