13 Excellent Ways to Improve WordPress Site Speed

Do you want to reduce WordPress website loading time? well, that’s what everyone wants to. If you have a website on WordPress then and want to increase your site performance and get ranking on Search Engines then you need to Improve wordpress site speed. After the new announcement of Google, page speed is one of […]

6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress in 2021

Looking for the best cloud hosting service provider for WordPress in 2021? For the last several years, cloud hosting is rising its popularity rapidly most companies, bloggers, big-tech giants, use cloud hosting for providing fast content delivery to their users. It offers excellent performance & scalability, and cheaper than more traditional hosting products. Choosing the […]

How to Remove Spam Backlinks From Google: The Ultimate Disavow Tool

After the introduction of Google Disavow Tool in 2012, its become one of the best instrument for website operators and digital marketers. It is the official method to remove spam backlinks from Google, heading towards your website. Making backlinks through SEO for a website is great for ranking on Google and helps to make its […]

How To Work With Bing WordPress Plugin For Fast Indexing on Bing Search

Bing WordPress plugin helps publishers indexing new articles on the Bing search engine faster. Once installed and configured with an API key, this plugin will start working. The market share of Bing search is 2.75%, which is lower than Google, Google has a market share of 91%. This plugin ensures that the site URLs are […]

20 Best Digital Content Creation Apps For Students

In today’s world, our education system is changing fast. The digital world is taking over the education system, students becoming the new content creators, and teachers guide them to the finish line. In the digital world Content, Creation Apps for Students are increasing highly to help to make things easier. Students love to create things […]

How to Open File Explorer In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Well, there are many ways to open File Explorer, In windows 10 such as a using Keyboard shortcut, you can also use Command Prompt to open the File Explorer in the current directory, or any other directory. Here’s how. Opening File Explorer In Windows 10 Using Command Prompt First, open Command Prompt on your PC […]

How to Enable or Disable Full-Screen Start Menu in Windows 10’s

In Windows 10, users can use a full-screen Start menu (like the start menu in tablet mode), or in a traditional way in which you can resize the Start menu by clicking and dragging the Start menu’s edges according to your need. Here’s how to Enable or Disable Full-Screen Start Menu in Windows 10’s. Depending […]

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