5+ Ways to Use Social Media to Get Quality Backlinks

5+ Ways to Use Social Media to Get Quality Backlinks

Social media profiles are very important for online visibility. It helps to grow your network, which can lead to more inbound links. Read 5+ Ways to Use Social Media to Get Quality Backlinks.

Some people think that doing social media optimization for getting backlinks is spammy or misleading, especially when someone creates profiles for the purpose of getting a link. But that’s not true, You need to do complete work for getting a Quality Backlinks.

If you are familiar with SEO, then you must already know how important link building is for a website. Every SEO expert knows that doing link building helps in boosting search engine rankings.

But the most important thing is that both your content and your link should be of high quality.

Even though a few marketers have changed the purpose of social profiles, it doesn’t mean you can’t do your work in a genuine way.

You must have a real profile that shares your information, background, analytics, and achievements. While it is also used for more than one way by people not just to see your profile even can see your posts.

Social Media Is Best To Get Quality Backlinks.

Posting On Social Media

Posting in social media is the best way to bring traffic to your website and create backlinks.

Before posting on social media, you should post your content only after taking a good check.

Writing anything and just posting on social media does not attract people’s attention, and leaving your link anywhere gives you a backlink but it does not considered as a quality backlink.

So you need to do everything in a proper way so that your post will not be joined by any spamming.

Creating an Executive’s Profile for Better Response Rates.

Your profile plays an important role. Therefore, your profile should look very good, so that if someone sees your profile then they do not feel that it is a fake profile.

You should give complete information about yourself in your profile, such as what you do, where you live, etc, and especially give a link to your website in your profile so that you get a backlink from it.

Whoever comes to you first checks your profile and then talks to you. So always pay attention to your profile.

Use Forum Profiles To Build Relationship With Highly Technical People.

Most people use basic social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. But there are many more networks related to your niche and forums which is commonly used by those that are deeply involved in certain industries.

You should try to find these types of online communities and get more involved. You will find that there is often more depth to the questions, and discussions, leading to a lot of good opportunities to build trust and get others interested in your content.

Using LinkedIn to Share Your Content with Right Peoples.

When possible, ask your executives to get involved or set up a sharing schedule to regularly share content on their social media profile( with their permission).

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share your content, you can ask them to read your content and share it with friends.

If a company, executive, or person sees your post, then it makes a lot of impression on your profile. And if they like your content, they will probably share your post even further.

Reach Out to the Social Profiles of People Who Are Verified.

For building personal credibility and sharing content LinkedIn is great, but you can also use Facebook, Twitter, and Forums to do outreach and get others interested in your content.

On Instagram (and Twitter), It’s a common way to follow people related to your niche.

Building genuine relationship with authorities or influencer in your field can be a fulfilling way to grow your online visibility, you can also learn from some of the best minds in the business.

BONUS: Promote Your Content with Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic.

Essentially, with the right targeting tool and even as little as $45, you can show your content in front of the right people on Facebook.

When you have a clear and concise target, the ad spend goes lower, and the user’s interest goes higher.

Targeting your exact keyword for targeted people is very easy with Facebook ads. Target only those users who are interested in your content, it saves lot of money on bidding. Make sure your content title and description shares exactly how it is useful to the people you’re trying to target.


Getting shares and links to your content using online profiles is definitely the fastest way to create links. But it is one of the most real and usually has the greatest long-term effects. Because it takes a long time to get results from this.

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5+ Ways to Use Social Media to Get Quality Backlinks

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