How to Write Meta Description for Instant Attraction

Today in this article we will learn how to create the most attractive meta description for your blog and business, in WordPress and blogger sites. Here we’ve covered all the necessary steps you need to know, and the basics of meta descriptions. What is Meta description, why they are important, and how to use them for your website SEO?

See the characteristics of a good meta description for on-page SEO. Find why meta description is very crucial for SEO.

What is Meta Description?

A meta description is a web HTML tag that describes the content of your website or blog. The meta description shows up below your website title and URL as appears in the search results. The meta description should be kept somewhere between 140 – 160 characters, this will show the complete meta description in search results. See the given below image for reference:

How to Write Meta Description for Instant Attraction

Your blog or website meta description appears below the page title and URL slug in the search result.

Example of meta description in code:

<head><meta name=”description” content=”While writing the meta desciption, keep the words between 140 to 160 charaters so Google could show your complete meta description in search result, and also include your keywords within it.”></head>

Meta description also shows up below the title when someone shares your article on social media websites or anywhere else, example is given below:

How to Write Meta Description for Instant Attraction

Where you should add meta description?

When it comes to finding where you should put your meta description in your blog the answer is simple. If you are writing a blog and the website is built with coding, you can add your meta description in the <head> section of your website’s HTML. Your added code will look like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Here your entered meta description will come. But make sure the description length is within 160 characters.>

When your website is built using a CMS then you have complete control of your meta description. Especially if you are using WordPress.

In WordPress, a plugin called Yoast-SEO helps you to do that very easily. You can add meta description to the ‘meta description’ section provided by Yoast SEO, and you can also preview your meta that how it will look like in search engine results pages (SERPs):

yoast SEO meta description

Why Meta Description is important?

As you have seen that the meta description appears below with your title and URL on the search results pages. Meta descriptions have the power to help and impact your results’ CTR (Click through rates). Your good written meta description can influence the decision of the searcher to click on your link and come to your website and read. The more attractive, descriptive, and relevant description, will likely attract more searchers to click through.

A study showed that having the exact keyword (You want to rank) in between the meta description is a relevant signal to the search engines, which helps you rank higher. One more thing that Google has said and started that the meta description is NOT a ranking signal. Always remember that a good meta description plays a positive and vital role to achieve more visitors.

How to write Meta Descriptions?

Our Checklist to write a meta description. Do not use more than 160 characters for your meta description, please don’t waste your time writing more than 160 characters because it won’t show up in the search engine results. Instead, focus on our given tips:

  1. Brand and tone: While creating a meta description make sure to enter your brand image and tone, so people know that it’s you.
  2. Insert Keywords: Do make sure that while writing a meta description enter your primary or important keywords. The search engines will highlight the keywords in bold when they find the searchers keywords in the meta description.
  3. Write valuable contents: When writing meta description do not stuff too many keywords this is bad. By doing this the searchers will assume your result leads to a spammy website. Write the Meta Description in a normal way, so it looks like a human-written sentence.
  4. Include call-to-action: Insert an action word in the description like (click to learn more, Learn more here). This gives a positive impact on searchers and gets click easily.
  5. Meta-Description Length: Every meta description length should be under 160 characters long (Google is also testing for longer snippets). Entering longer descriptions the search engines will cut the entended text, so make it under the length and out the keywords nearer the front.
  6. Target the emotion: Target the emotion of the searcher by writing a heart-touching description and Alice with the results.
  7. Never duplicate meta descriptions: As the title tags, make all your meta description different for every web page. Google may penalize your page for mass duplicating the meta description.

Once you have written your meta description clearly, you can put it with the article so the search engine can easily show it.

10 Great Meta Description Examples to give you a hint

As you have to only insert 160 characters in the meta description insert only valuable content with primary keywords. Here are some of the meta description examples which inspires you:

1. Tesla

tesla meta description result

2. Netflix

netflix meta description result

3. Reddit

reddit meta description result

4. Wired

wired meta description result

5. GQ

GQ  meta description result

6. LinkedIn

linkedin meta description result

7. The Verge

the verge meta description result

8. Uber

uber  meta description result

9. Taco bell

taco bell meta description result

10. Semplice

semplice meta description result

Some Helpful online Tools for Checking Meta Descriptions

Below we’ve shown some helpful tools which you can use to test your meta description as you write them:

  1. Semrush Site Audit – This Semrush tool will analyze the health of the website. When analyzing the meta this will give you a list of issues in the meta description.
  2. Semrush On-Page SEO Checker: This tool gives you the information that the user title, keyword, and meta description is the right one and suggests if you don’t.
  3. Portent: This SERP view generator shows you how your search result will appear. All you need to do is enter your title along with the meta description and URL to test.

In the End:

Remember meta descriptions do not give a ranking factor for Google, but a good meta description certainly helps people to click your links. So, writing a meta description is a good way still matters and should be the top priority when optimizing the SEO for your site. Try and Stick to the 160 character limit because going beyond that is wasteful.

Spending all your time just optimizing the meta description isn’t worth it. Google what cares most is clever, and the quality of the content and keyword stuffing. For that as long as your content is useful for users and contains information that matches the search queries, your page will rank well on search results.

How to Write Meta Description for Instant Attraction

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